Lunar New Year ! Year of the Ox

One of the best sayings I've heard for 2021 - The Lunar (or) Chineese New Year.. if you "Keep Your Head Down in 2021" , "Keep your Nose to the Grindstone in 2021" "Be Kind To Your Family and to Yourself".

When we stay diligent in our goals early on, we create a foundation for ourselves, and will enjoy the reward of our hard work at Harvest. We have altogether faced challenges in 2020, but that is not to say that we haven't all learned something new by way of experience, and have grown, no matter how painful the lesson be.

In 2021, I find that it is important to not only "Keep Your Head Down" by way of meaning, but also being convicted strongly in our faith, and being notable and responsible for your actions. Holding yourself accountable to integrity in all aspects of ethics (business, personal, spiritual, general) is one o the best feelings when we know it is the right thing to do, and in doing so, we together, become a part of the healing process in our health, and in our daily lives.. mind, body and spirit.

So, on that note, treat yourself kindly by way of eating healthy, and exercising both mind and body, and live a wellness lifestyle.

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